HotStar FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

HotStar FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What Is The Actual Use Of The Premium Membership?

Answer: The premium membership deals with the continuously occurring monthly plan which can be subscribed to by the user so that they can stream online in a very easy process. The membership allows the users to grant access to all the titles and the live streaming which are available currently on the platform of the Hotstar app.

2. What Type Of Videos Is Available In The App?

Answer: The users can get access to watch the English shows and movies which are available to the members only. The app consists of the built-in the library where the users can easily surf the catalog, and according to that, they can watch the live shows and many enormous numbers of videos.

3. How To Be A Premium Member Of Hotstar?

Answer: To subscribe for becoming the premium member, the users can follow three simple steps so that they can enjoy the online services in the Hotstar app.

  • Go to the Hotstar app, sign up for the premium service.
  • Give the proper data like email ID, phone number or link the account with Facebook so that the user can register to Hotstar.
  • Provide the payment details.

4. For How Long The Membership Can Be Valid?

Answer: The membership will be valid until the user doesn’t cancel the membership. If there is any payment issue in the membership process, then only the membership can be disconnected. If there is any change in payment policies occurs then the users will be informed through the mail.

5. Is There Any Restriction On The Membership?

Answer: There are no restrictions on the membership process. From one account the subscriber can subscribe to live stream for once. To watch the new videos, the user should make sure that the earlier videos have been paused or stopped.

The customer support of Hotstar Apk provides all the solutions. Any type of difficulties which are faced by the users can be solved properly in the most appropriate way.

6. What Are The Necessary System Requirements For The Membership?

Answer: The premium membership works well on the desktop as well as on the mobile phone.

For Desktop:

  • Latest Google Chrome.
  • An updated version of the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • The above version of the Microsoft Windows and the MAC OS.
  • The JavaScript and the cookies should be enabled in the system so that the user can avail this membership.

For Smartphone:

  • Android.
  • iOS.

7. Why Are The Users Facing The Playback Issues Mainly While Streaming Video?

Answer: Make sure that the cookies are well enabled on the internet so that the user can easily stream the videos. The user can check their email account from which they have signed in for proper credentials. They can check the account status in the section of ‘My Account.’ If the users are still facing some problems in playing the video, they can close the earlier tab and can sign in again for live streaming.

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